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1. Parents to drop off and wait in car through the session or if accompanying your child to come in with child and wait in the designated area with your child.


2. The shutter doors will be open as much as possible and will be opened for entry and leaving the hall.


3. A coach will meet your child and return to you if waiting in your car.


4. The viewing area will be closed


5. Parents accompanying their child will be required to wear a face mask at all times and ensure the use of hand sanitising and washing of their child’s hands.


6. When accompanying to the toilet please ensure that your child does not play on any of the Fun Farm equipment. Parents waiting in their car may be asked to take their child to the toilet.


7. Should a parent need to speak with the coach this should be done outside where possible. If this is not possible then the parent will need to wear a mask


8. Please do not bring you child if they appear unwell and have any of the following symptoms Sore throat A new continuous cough A high temperature A loss or change in sense of smell or taste

Lincoln Imps Code of Conduct re Corona Virus

The Gymnast

1. On arrival to wait in parent’s car or in an isolated place in the car park until invited to enter by the coach, on a one by one basis.

2. The gymnast must be dressed ready to train as they cannot change in the building

3. Hand sanitise, go to your allocated trampoline, place all your belongings under your chair and wait for coach

4. Chairs will be spaced 1 to 2 m apart, and when not on the trampoline each gymnast to stay in their designated chair throughout the session.

5. Hands must be sanitised between each turn on the trampoline. Hand sanitiser will be available but we ask that gymnasts also bring their own hand sanitiser (with 60% alcohol) as this could be costly for the club.

6. Gymnasts must also bring their own water and can be kept just under their chair.

7. Toilets. Should the gymnast need the toilet, hands must be sanitised before leaving the trampoline hall, washed after using the toilet and sanitised again before using the trampoline again. 

8. All children over the age of 11 and adults are required to wear a face mask if going through to the Fun Farm and the toilets.

9. At the end of the session the gymnast will be taken one at a time to collect their shoes and leave the building.

10. The coach will sign off that the gymnast has been collected

11. Where a child is not collected straight after a training session they will be moved to an isolated place where they can wait for their parents to avoid any cross over with arriving children

12. Children will not be allowed to train if any of their family is in self isolation. Parents and children are reminded that anyone at home who is deemed vulnerable should not attend any sessions

13. It is important that these rules are adhered to at all times for the safety and protection of everyone. There will be zero tolerance for any gymnasts who fails to understand the importance of this and do not abide by the rules 

14. Face masks to be worn by all children over the age of 11 when waiting for their turn.


Parents/Guardians of the 4 – 7 year old classes

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